Keysar Rescue is a not-for-profit animal rescue organisation dedicated to providing a safe haven for homeless and rescued dogs and puppies until we can find them responsible, loving homes. We rely on donations fundraisers and fosters to provide a safe home for all the dogs and puppies, and all the others soon to come.

We believe that all pets should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. We believe in showing compassion and working to rehabilitate abused and abandoned pets. At Keysar Rescue we educate people and our communities about the importance of these principals as well as the importance of spaying and neutering to reduce the number of abandoned pets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing service for abandoned, ill-treated, un-wanted and otherwise homeless dogs. To care for them in social accommodation, wherever possible with communal exercise areas. To strive to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned dogs by ensuring those in our care are neutered, and encouraging other owners to do the same.


We help as many dogs as we can, all ages, breeds and temperaments. We will never turn an animal away if we have the space and time to help them, although we are at full capacity most of the time and really rely on foster homes.


Rehabilitating animals usually starts by neutering, vaccinating and treating any medical issues. We then assess each animal and if needed, train out any unwanted behaviours and teach them the wanted ones. We do also of course spend a lot of time simply giving lots of love, hugs, and cuddles.


The most rewarding part of our work – making sure we find the right person for our animals, giving people all the information and training they need in order to give that dog the best chance at being happy and relaxed in their future homes.