We consider important details such as a person’s home, interests and lifestyle. Then we match those with a pets social, exercise and training needs. Our goal is a loving home and a lasting bond. While we reserve the right to refuse an adoption, we make every effort to work with you to address concerns and to find the most appropriate companion animal.

Once you’ve found your perfect puppy the process of adoption includes filling out an adoption application which includes information about you, your family and your living circumstances, this will help us to assess if the dog will match you, passing a reference/vet check and home visit. After this, you can expect a phone call or email where we will set up an appointment for you to finally meet your potential pup. Once you get there, you’ll be able to meet and interact with him/her to ensure that your choice is the right one.

The Process of Adopting


Adoption Application


Meet & Greet


Property Check


Finalizing Adoption

We do charge an adoption fee of $260 for dogs to help with the costs of food and medical care for the animals we rescue. The adoption fee often does not fully cover costs. Any costs that the adoption fees do not cover are paid by generous donations and personally from Keysar Rescue household budget. We make this financial commitment because we are dedicated to our dogs.

All our animals are vet-checked, worm and flea treatments, provided age-appropriate vaccinations, and if over 6 months of age are spayed/neutered for adoption. Our animals are also treated for other medical needs.

You will need to sign an adoption agreement with Keysar Rescue. If you are interested in adopting please fill out the application.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.

Before submitting your application, please be aware that if you are interested in adopting a dog, a background check of your history with Animal Control as well as a property check and subsequent approval is required before any of our dogs head to their new homes. All dogs must be in a secure, fully fenced section with access to the inside of the house.

Terms and Conditions of Adopting a Dog from Keysar Rescue

I agree to adopt a dog from Keysar Rescue and will abide by the terms of the agreement.

I agree to abide by Keysar Rescue recommendations regarding the care and welfare of my adopted dog.

I or any member of my family have never been subject to a formal complaint or legal action for cruelty or neglect of any animals and have never owned animals which have been confiscated by any agency for violations of any laws, regulations or animal adoption agreements.

Once I sign agreement to all terms and have taken possession of my new adopted dog, I will from that day onwards accept full care and responsibility for the dog that I have adopted.

I agree to indemnify Keysar Rescue for any liability, costs or expenses that may arise as a result of my actions or omissions (including negligence) or of my adopted pets condition, health or behavior.

I also understand the adoption fee is non-refundable after a 7 day period and/or change of circumstance.

I acknowledge that Keysar Rescue will have immediate rights to remove the dog if for any reason the Rescue feels the dog is unsafe at any given circumstance or time and/or it's current living situation is chained or kept outdoors and/or shelterless. (We'd like all our dogs to sleep and have access indoors).

If the dog needs to be rehomed for any reason whatsoever, I will contact Keysar Rescue in the first instance to discuss my situation. Any acceptance of returned dogs will be at Keysar Rescue's sole discretion and cost contribution requirement.

Only when so required I/We give consent to Keysar Rescue to take urgent action without notice if they determine that the life of my adopted dog is at risk and/or quarterly updates are not given.

By submitting this form, I/We declare that: All the information provided herewith is correct and true and that I will adhere to this declaration. I also declare that I am over the age of 18.

Some love is all he needed to be shown, not out into the street like he was thrown

A roof, a bed, a dish of food, lightens up his saddened mood


He stands and watches the children play, how this family made his day

He was given a chance so many are not, something that will never be forgot

No more lonely cold nights or hearing that I'm bad

No more growling belly from the meals I never had

No more scorching sunshine with a water bowl that's dry

No more complaining about the noise when I cry

No more hearing 'shut up', 'get down' 'get out of here'

No more feeling disliked only peace is in the air

I haven't had a good life, I know this much is true

But I'm ready to be loved now, as I start my life with you


My pain and all my suffering, I leave behind today

I'm so lucky to have met you, at this stop along my way


So often I was hungry, so often left alone

But now I have been rescued, you've come to take me home


When you held me in your arms, I knew that I loved you

And when you gave me kisses, I knew you loved me too


I can tell you'll treat me kindly, I can sense you'll treat me right

And let me lay beside your bed, When you go to sleep at night


You're the special one I've needed, the one I've waited for

So everyday I'll wag my tail, and greet you at the door


We have many years ahead, for our special bond to grow

But as we introduce ourselves, I just have to let you know


I haven't had a good life, I know this much is true

But I'm ready to be loved now, and I owe it all to you