If your puppy has an upset stomach and has runny stool, give pure pumpkin. You can get this in the can and it will harden up their stool. I do give pumpkin during deworming to help with the runny stool during this process.

Vitamin E is great for your dogs dry skin. You can give your pup a doggy massage by applying vitamin E oil directly to the skin, a soaking bath with vitamin E added to the water, or you can give your dog a pill of vitamin E. If you give the vitamin orally, check with your vet on the recommended dosage for your specific dog breed.

Flavourless electrolyte-replacing liquids, such as sports waters or paediatric drinks, not only help athletes to replenish fluids, and babies to rehydrate after an illness, they can also supply your sick poochs body with much needed fluids after a diarrhoea or vomiting.

Deliciously plain yogurt is a healthy treat for your dog. Just as with humans, the live acidophilus in the yogurt keeps the good bacteria in your dogs intestines in balance, so that bad bacteria is knocked out. If your dog is on antibiotics, a little yogurt will also help keep yeast infections at bay (a common side-effect of antibiotic treatment). Puppies are especially prone to yeast infections, so a little plain yogurt as a snack (or even dessert) can help keep things in balance; especially useful while the intestinal system is building immunities.

For dry skin problems that induce a lot of ANNOYING itching: (assuming its not FLEAS!) an Oatmeal bath works great. Grate up some oatmeal and sprinkle into dogs bath and let your dog soak into the healing goodness. Your dog will thank you!

The Ultimate Homemade Itchy Dog Spray

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea Body Rinse. Introducing the yeast-smashing homemade spray for your dog! This body rinse can be useful to restore skin pH, soothe itchy skin, calm rashes and welts, and has some added benefits for keeping biting flies, fleas and gnats at bay. Mix the following ingredients together in a bottle/jar with cap and shake well before use:
Apple Cider Vinegar: 1/2 cup
Brewed Green Tea (cooled): 1/2 cup
Distilled Water: 1 cup
Apply to clean skin and coat, massage, rinse, and pat dry.

Try this Itchy Dog Spray recipe for some relief!

Bone Broth

A perfect addition to your dog’s diet, bone broth is as delicious as it is nutrient-dense. This highly nutritious (and tail-waggingly delicious) superfood is inexpensive, easy to make, and beneficial for your dog’s health. Typical uses of bone broth include healing the gut, easing allergies, boosting the immune system, aiding joint health, and even helping with neurological disorders. Bone marrow contains protein, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other minerals. Packed with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, when used as a supplement to your dog’s diet, bone broth:
♦ Promotes a healthy digestive system
♦ Detoxifies the liver
♦ Promotes healthy joint function
♦ Encourages picky, sick, or elderly dogs to eat.

This homemade Bone Broth Recipe is slow-cooked over low heat, increasing nutrient density.

Golden Turmeric Paste

What makes a golden paste so popular is the many benefits it has and the various conditions, diseases, and part of the body it affects that result in dogs living a happier and healthier lifestyle. The amazing benefits of turmeric for your dog:
♦ It’s a natural detox for your pet
♦ Has anti-inflammatory agents
♦ It fights bacteria
♦ Health benefits for the heart and liver
♦ Can reduce blood clots
♦ Promotes digestive health
♦ Is believes to have cancer-fighting agents
♦ Can help with those frustrating allergies
♦ Used in the treatment of epilepsy in dogs
♦ Treatment for muscle and joint pain
And more

Give your dog a tablespoon of this Golden Turmeric Paste to live a healthier lifestyle. It can last 2-3 weeks in the fridge. Or you can try the frozen version Turmeric Paws.