The day has arrived where Cardie has finally come to terms that there really is no reason to run no more… Nikki reached out for Cardie and had a temporary placement for her as a potential ‘foster to adopt’. She kept running away, jumped the fence daily until recently she finally opened her heart to trust again. Realistically, this took just over 2yrs for Cardie to fully open her heart to humans again. This family were so patient with time, drove up and down to find her when she would escape, tipped their home upside down just to cater to her needs until Cardie realized…. it just so happened to be her forever home.

    Here’s what the Family wrote:
    “Just to give you the heads up, we have decided to give Ms Cardie B aka Houdini a home with the whanau. She has come such a long way and we consider Cardie to be part of our clan. She loves Nana who recently moved in and has grown attached to the kids especially our boy Ruebs. Nga mihi to you for rescuing Cardie and her finding her way to our home. She is getting better and better everyday, puppy school 2023 here we come! We all love her”.
    Thank you Nikki and Family.


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