He couldn’t be happier after being abandoned at a house on a chain and just six days with his new family giving him the love and affection he so deserves he’s now a happy happy boy. He was a foster however now his new family!

    Just goes to show how much love and support and time a foster family puts in. I’ll be honest, I asked if they could please be patient with him as he was one of two dogs left behind the property abandoned, still chained and barking day and night for help when no one heard them.

    Here’s what the foster family said:
    “We didn’t take your advice I’m afraid but we do know how much love and willpower you hold for these rescue dogs so instead of taking our time and embracing him at pace, we all threw ourselves including him “Mikey” hope you like the name into the deep end of the drought. So we head straight out to the shops and our local pet friendly cafe spot which we saw he was very timid but after many many pats from friends and locals he was smiling away and we found ourselves a wagging tail and a happy boy, we head off to the beach after and he was happy as larry, so he’s been smiling from Day 3. Please know we will take great care of him. He has bonded with my wife Sarah well and the grandkids love him to shreds. Thank you for changing our lives around. I don’t think he’s coming back by the looks of it.”
    All the best to you Mikey and your new family the McAllums


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