So, I recently lost my best mate, LB, and as devastated as I was, I couldn’t bare to be without another companion. Visiting pups was obviously a little heartbreaking at times, thinking I couldn’t find another match like that again.

    Until I met Rusty.

    From the moment we met, I had a feeling that we would be a good match. This great big happy looking pup that came right up to me and just wanted to smooch. Yeah, this was the one. For the next week all I could think about was bringing him home for a weekend trial.

    The day comes, he is as happy and lovable as I remember, and we leave with all his bits and pieces in the back of the van.

    By that night, we had banded, and he was sleeping peacefully at the foot of my bed, taking up so little space for a big dog, and I decided pretty much right then that he wasn’t going to be going back.

    He loves being on the farm, is always so happy when I get home from work, and the family love him already. Even the people in our community want to meet him because Rusty is basically all I talk about.

    He is the best of all worlds. Affectionate enough to be a loving family dog, and big fast and scary enough to keep intruders away. I can just imagine what he will sound like when his puppy voice breaks

    He met the sheep through the fence the other day and got a little excited, but with enough care and attention, I think he will adapt.

    I am pathetic at taking pictures and selfies, and I’ve missed a few very photo-worthy opportunities, but just took this picture of my new mate. He was sitting watching everything going on outside. And I will post more of this big goofy fun happy poochy.

    Brett & Rusty.

    P.S. I promise he is happier than he looks


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