A Safe Haven for Homeless and Abused Dogs


Meet your new best friend!
We have amazing pets ready to find their forever homes. You are their promise of a safe and happy future!


Fostering saves lives!
By being a foster carer, you are providing us with much needed support and more importantly giving love and care for our pets!


Every bit helps!
Every amount helps buy the supplies necessary to feed and care for rescued animals as they wait for their forever home!


Keysar Rescue is a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs and finding them loving forever homes. We rely on donations, fundraisers and fosters to provide a safe home for all the dogs, and all the others soon to come. Our primary goal is to rescue and rehabilitate these dogs in loving foster homes until they are adopted into their permanent homes.

Our hearts have been broken by the few that have not survived despite our efforts. But our hearts have also been filled with joy as we have seen those dogs that were once abused, abandoned, and forgotten begin to experience love and trust again or maybe for the first time ever. There is nothing so gratifying as seeing once sick and terrified dogs in the loving care of their very own forever families.

    Our mission is to provide a rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing service for abandoned, ill-treated, un-wanted and otherwise homeless dogs. To care for them in social accommodation, wherever possible with communal exercise areas. To strive to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned dogs by ensuring those in our care are neutered, and encouraging other owners to do the same.
    To create a haven for abused animals to recover. We strive for a world where every companion animal has a safe and loving home and their family has the knowledge and resources needed to give them the life they deserve.
    We have a strong sense of empathy for dogs that fuels our passion to prevent and alleviate suffering. We place the highest value on the animal/human connection and are driven to create positive outcomes even for the hardest of cases.
    We strive to provide a high level of service for all dogs, fosters, adopters and donors through responsible communication and action. We maintain a results-focused perspective.
    We form relationships with the community to achieve common goals while providing access to resources and education.