There are many ways in which you can get involved and support the work of Keysar Rescue and help us to continue helping the animals. From donating to fostering, or transporting animals…and much more. You may want to organise a fundraising event or an online auction. Whatever your area of expertise, we’d be glad to hear from you about helping us out with our vital work caring for our dogs.

Please contact us with your fundraising questions, your personal story, your photos and your successes. We’re here to help. We’d love to hear about your personal reasons for supporting Keysar Rescue.

With the support of our community, KEYSAR Rescue is able to save the lives of animals.

Dog Rescues: Everyday, Keysar Rescue receives calls from around Auckland to help rescue abandoned, homeless, and injured animals in dire situations. We rescue hundreds of animals each year and travel outside the Auckland area when necessary.

Veterinary Care: All rescued animals visit a Veterinary Clinic for evaluation and treatment before being placed in a foster home. General veterinary care may include vaccines, health certificates, deworming/parasite treatment, and spaying or neutering, but many rescued dogs also need surgeries and long term inpatient care. This treatment is essential because injured and sick dogs are less likely to find “forever” homes.