Pets and Fireworks

While most people enjoy the fireworks festivities, unfortunately many pets become highly distressed by fireworks. The loud noises and bright flashes of light can be very frightening to animals, and many animals become highly distressed. This can lead to animals running away, going missing, injuring themselves, and becoming susceptible to traffic accidents.

Planning ahead is key. Be aware of Guy Fawkes Night and create a strategy for your animals. Making sure your pet has company of other animals where possible, is kept inside, and has proper identification are just a few easy ways that you can ensure the safety of your animals. Keep in mind that for some animals, fireworks can be a real phobia and may need to be treated with medication. Speak with your vet for options before the fireworks start.

Remember the 5th of November – keep your pets inside and safe on Guy Fawkes night! Unfortunately, the public sale of fireworks ensures that there is no ‘set’ day for fireworks to be used. Therefore, pet and livestock owners must remain vigilant at all times.

Pets and Hot Weather

During the hot summer months, it is important to remember that this season can present some challenges and problems to your animals. Here are our tips on helping your pet stay happy, healthy and cool during summer.

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